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Cats and Dinosaurs

Cats and Dinosaurs is a left wing feminist swing collective playing original lindyhop dance music with political lyrics in Swedish and English, AKA "the worlds most radical swingband". They mix the objectively best politics with the objectively best music. Result: dance party!!!!
 Though their well-groomed feet remain firmly planted in the radical backwaters of vintage jazz and blues, they quickly threw out all the standards in favor of their own leftie-feminist songbook. Jazz was the punk of the twenties, and Cats and Dinosuars want to honor the creativity and radicalism of the jazz pioneers by embracing their energy and attitude rather than copying them note for note. They are also lindyhop dancers! This is the secret behind their perfect dance groove that will get every floor going, all while those subversive messages slips into your subconscious like gleeming red little silverfish.

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Releases on PACAYA records

The Shape of Swing to Come (2018)
Kapitalismen är en dröm (2017)
Swing på barrikaderna (2016)