Maja-Karin Fredriksson

Maja-Karin Fredriksson has set the Swedish poet Ebba Lindqvist’s poems to music. The result is strong, mood-filled, and melancholic pop songs that go right to the heart. There is a sadness, a blackness in many of the poems on the records, a feeling deepened with the addition of music. Cello, saxophone, and other instruments create a suggestive sound, symbiotic with Maja-Karin’s voice. There is something both hopeful and comforting in Maja-Karin’s interpretation of Ebba Lindqvist’s (1908-1995) poetry, where nature is the starting point for tales of the difficult and the beautiful in life.

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Releases on PACAYA records

Maja-Karin Fredriksson sjunger Ebba Lindqvist (2019)
Jag begär bara havet (2018)