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Original oriental music with Swedish lyrics. Mor creates a dreamy landscape, with oriental scales and melodies with rich ornaments, rhythms and improvisations. The lyrics are in Swedish, with a poetic and dramatic, even a political touch. The singer in the group, Anna Ottertun, has inherited a lot of songs in arabic, from Talal Ismail from Mosul, Iraq. For over ten years they worked together in Sweden in the group Sumer. After Talal Ismails early death, Anna wanted to continue to work with the oriental music and incorporate it in her own song writing. The love of the traditional arabic singing was an important offspring in the creative process of making the songs and how to fit in the Swedish language in them, was a great and inspiring challenge! She formed the ensemble Mor. The music is written both by Anna and the oud-player Filip Bagewitz. All lyrics are written by Anna.

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